The Conversation Title Sequence
When we were approached by Andrew Fried, Amanda De Cadenet, and Demi Moore to design and produce the title sequence and show package to The Conversation, a new show on Lifetime, we knew this would be a special project.

After an in-depth meeting with De Cadenet, Moore and Fried, it was clear that our job would be to stay away from anything resembling a typical talk show graphic, to stay in-line with the show's mission, and to not misrepresent the show or its creators. The Conversation is a passion project from the De Cadenet and Moore and neither wanted it to be confused with a standard talk show, or misconstrued as a promotional vehicle for celebrity guests. The Conversation would be a unique interview series, hosted by De Cadenet, in which female authors, musicians, entertainers and actors, would speak intimately about the subject of what is means to be a woman. Neither scandalous or exploitative, yet honest and revealing, the objective of the show would be to present these candid interviews, as well as on-the-street interviews in the hopes that the show might offer insight into the universal commonalities between all women.

Colourmovie's approach was to build a subtext for the process, following cues from De Cadenet as well as her body of work as a professional photographer. The design of the sequence resembles the POV from a photographer as she captures images. As we move through the sequence we let the story unfold in front of the camera. We added depth and complexity by keeping the animation simple, yet added multiple layers, creating vignettes collaged with multiple images, atmosphere, watercolor textures, and photography based elements such as lens aberrations, bokeh, and depth of field. The combination of simple animation with the complex layers gives the sequence a rich look and cinematic flow.
NETWORK: Lifetime

PRODUCTION: Colourmovie
PRODUCER: Elsa Mejia
DESIGNER: Brandon Martinez
ANIMATORS: Silvia Yom, Nicolas Cunningham, Tania Duze, Chris Martz
COMPOSER: Nick Valensi