Syfy “31 Days of Halloween” Branding
Syfy approached Colourmovie to create the annual brand takeover, Syfy 31 Days of Halloween. The transmedia branding system included network IDs, promos, a full on-air package and a toolkit of elements that extended across web, mobile and print.

Colourmovie's goal was to maintain the Syfy ethos, but push the brand into a new direction. Another important aspect of the takeover was to frame Syfy's 31 Days of Halloween as a big event, and to separate Syfy's promotion from the Halloween promotions of other networks. We worked with SYFY to find a balance between the scariness and fun of Halloween, while maintaining the sophistication of Syfy's brand, and not to fall into the trappings of the type of standard and campy Halloween design one might find in the costume aisle of a drugstore. Themes for the design found inspiration in the Romantic Gothic and Victorian Gothic literature of Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe. Using these macabre themes to build a visual foundation, while at the same time applying a modern and functional branding system, Colourmovie was able to create a distinctive and ownable style for the network.

With an original approach Colourmovie was able to bring Syfy into new territory while simultaneously reinforcing some of Syfy's core values as a source for innovative design.

PRODUCTION: Colourmovie
ART DIRECTOR: Magnus Hierta
PRODUCER: Elsa Mejia
DESIGNER: Brandon Martinez
ANIMATORS: Magnus Hierta, Preston Brown, Tyson Steigers, Casey Hupke, Brian Williams,
Jeni Wamberg, Christian Perez, Alan Torres, Jessica Vliet
SMOKE SIMULATION: Lauren Millar and Mark Stasiuk, Fusion CI Studios, Casey Hupke
EDITOR: Paula Salhany
AUDIO DESIGN: Malcolm Francis